Recovery and redesign: cancer services - action plan

In response to the pandemic, we have adapted to new circumstances in which cancer services continue to operate. The plan details actions that will both redesign cancer services to benefit patients, and increase our services’ overall resilience to future rises in COVID-19 prevalence.

Three Key Aims Of The Recovery Plan

1. Adopt a ‘Once for Scotland’ approach, where appropriate, to cancer services. This will see the same prioritisation and delivery of services is used across Scotland, helping ensure patients across Scotland receive equitable access to care and treatment.

2. Create smoother and more efficient patient pathways, from initial referral and diagnosis to the personalised care and support received after treatment, with the aim of improving both outcomes and experience throughout an individual’s journey.

3. Integrate innovative solutions to cancer services as we continue to learn from the impact COVID-19 has had on the NHS; improving access to cancer services, both remotely and in person, and minimise the impact on waiting times.



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