Recovery and redesign: cancer services - action plan

In response to the pandemic, we have adapted to new circumstances in which cancer services continue to operate. The plan details actions that will both redesign cancer services to benefit patients, and increase our services’ overall resilience to future rises in COVID-19 prevalence.

Key Milestones in Cancer Services Response and Recovery



  • 11th - NHS Boards were instructed that vital cancer services remain open.
  • 18th - The Cancer Treatment Response Group convened.
  • 20th - the National COVID-10 advice for cancer patients was published.
  • 25th - Cancer Clinical Management guidelines were provided to Boards.
  • 30th - National Screening Programmes were paused.


  • 8th - Interim Governance for cancer medicines were published.
  • 24th - the NHS is Open campaign is launched and we began the use of private sector hospitals to deliver care in a COVID-19 free environment.


  • 4th - interim guidance on restating therapy in COVID-19 positive patients was published.
  • 31st - the Re-mobilise, Recover and Re-design Framework was published and an update to cancer patient leaflets was completed.


  • 4th - the surgical prioritisation framework was published.
  • 5th - the National Cancer Recovery Group was convened, and on the 9th advice on 15 new treatment options was published.


  • 2nd - Clinical guidance for Endoscopy was published to support resumption of services.
  • 8th - the roll out of weekly staff testing in cancer services began.
  • 15th - guidance was published on the management of urgent suspicion of lung cancer.
  • 23rd - shielding guidance was paused.



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