Recovery and redesign: cancer services - action plan

In response to the pandemic, we have adapted to new circumstances in which cancer services continue to operate. The plan details actions that will both redesign cancer services to benefit patients, and increase our services’ overall resilience to future rises in COVID-19 prevalence.

Delivery and Evaluation

The Scottish Government will develop a delivery plan underpinning this recovery plan which will identify key performance indicators. This delivery plan will influence the development of an evaluation framework which will cover the duration of this plan. We will co-produce the framework with stakeholders, including the National Cancer Recovery Group: to which we will provide regular updates on the delivery of the Plan.

This two year plan, running up to 2023, will also work towards achieving long-term aims which may not be fully achieved within this timeframe. Some of the actions in this plan represent building blocks needed to make progress towards those aims. The evaluation framework will incorporate measures to assess progress and generate learning from the experience of implementing the plan.

The framework will build on the existing collection and analysis of routine datasets. It will incorporate the planned data, evaluation and research projects referred to in this plan. It will also identify high priority data and evidence gaps which can addressed over the course of this plan.



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