Councillors' remuneration and expenses: recommendations

Scottish Local Authorities Remuneration Committee (SLARC) was reconvened in April 2023 to undertake an independent review of councillor remuneration, having last reported in 2011.


From the outset, the Committee approached its task in a manner designed to engage with and include the Scottish Local Government community. We have done this through two original surveys, involving all councillors and councils, by eleven direct engagement sessions with councils representing the demographic and geographic variety of local government in Scotland, and through dialogue with national bodies representing the political and professional interests of the sector. We have reviewed previous SLARC reports and learnt much from a wide range of civic and academic experts. We have considered how other democratic and public bodies are organised and remunerated, to establish what, if any lessons we could apply to our task. The Committee has now set out its findings and recommendations. Table 7 sets out our recommendations as these relate to our remit, as well as the range of other relevant themes the Committee has considered.



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