PVG scheme for members of boards of health bodies: consultation

Consultation on proposals to make it a requirement for members of Boards of Health Bodies to be members of the PVG Scheme.

Annex B

Disclosure Checks

1. A basic disclosure is the most common and lowest level of disclosure available. It includes information on any 'unspent' convictions the person has. Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, some criminal convictions can be treated as 'spent' – meaning they're not relevant to basic disclosure – after a certain length of time. Spent convictions are not included on a basic disclosure. Disclosure Scotland doesn't monitor people with basic disclosure, so the certificate is only valid when it's created and not for a specific length of time.

2. Standard and enhanced disclosures involve higher level checks. They are for people doing certain types of work or looking to adopt and are applied for by the employer or a registered body. For example, standard disclosures are for specific roles such as solicitors, accounts and enhanced disclosure for checking if people are suitable for adoption.

3. The table below compares the different types of background check.

Vetting Information Basic Standard Enhanced PVG
Unspent Convictions x x x x
Spent Convictions   relevant relevant Certain Offences
Unspent Cautions   x x x
Sex Offenders Register       x
Relevant Information held by the police     x x
Prescribed civil orders       x
Inclusion on Children/Adults lists/confirmation that individual isn’t barred from regulated work     If relevant x
Monitored No No No Yes
Period Covered Time of Application Time of Application Time of Application No time limit
Who applies Individual Employer or Registered Body Employer or Registered Body Employer or Registered Body

4. The PVG Scheme is for people doing 'regulated work' with children and protected adults. A PVG certificate contains all unspent and certain spent conviction information. It also contains any other non-conviction information that the police or other government bodies think is relevant. Disclosure Scotland continually monitor PVG scheme members' records for vetting information including criminal convictions that may affect their suitability to work with vulnerable groups.

5. More information on disclosure can be found at https://www.mygov.scot/disclosure-types/.


Laurie Whyte

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