PVG scheme for members of boards of health bodies: consultation

Consultation on proposals to make it a requirement for members of Boards of Health Bodies to be members of the PVG Scheme.

Part 2 - Consultation

30. This proposal was first discussed with the NHS Board Chairs Group in 2014, when the Cabinet Secretary for Health Sport was considering various options for strengthening governance and accountability of Boards. The NHS Board Chairs Group was supportive of the proposals.

31. On this basis it is recommended that the policy should be applied to all Board members and to all Health Bodies. However, given the different functions of the various Health Bodies, it may be worthwhile considering whether, this is appropriate.

Q1. Do you agree that this policy should apply to all members of Boards of all Health Bodies?

Don’t Know

If you don’t agree with this policy, or are unsure, we would like you to tell us why.

We welcome your views on the proposals and issues outlined in this paper.

Role of Boards of Health Bodies

NHS Scotland

1. NHS Scotland is the term used to describe the health service in Scotland. There are 22 Health Bodies (14 Territorial Health Boards; 6 Special Health Boards; the Common Services Agency (known as NHS National Services Scotland) and Healthcare Improvement Scotland. Together they are responsible for expenditure of around £13 billion per year, (of which £5.8 billion is delegated to 31 Integrated Joint Boards ( IJBs) and employ around 150,000 staff. Each Health Body has its own Board of governance.


Laurie Whyte

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