PVG scheme for members of boards of health bodies: consultation

Consultation on proposals to make it a requirement for members of Boards of Health Bodies to be members of the PVG Scheme.


3. Currently, non-executive members of the Boards of Health Bodies are not legally required to undergo any form of disclosure check prior to appointment, instead we rely on declarations made during the appointment process. Furthermore, the role of Board members, is not specifically covered by existing PVG legislation. To address this, the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, approved proposals to make it a requirement for members of the Boards of Health Bodies to be PVG Scheme members.

4. In taking this forward, we would welcome your views on how this policy should be implemented, specifically whether it needs to be applied to all Board Members and all Health Bodies.


5. The Boards of Health Bodies are responsible for ensuring that the organisation delivers its functions in accordance with the Scottish Ministers’ policies and priorities. They are responsible for setting strategy, ensuring accountability and shaping organisational culture. In doing so, Board members have significant power and influence over the way in which healthcare services are delivered and governed and how organisational policies are implemented. Information about the roles of Board Members is attached at Annex A.

6. Furthermore, in their role, non-executive members are increasingly encouraged to conduct walk-throughs of front-line services and to speak to service users, which will include staff, volunteers, patients, carers and other partners who work with the NHS to provide services. They are granted access to hospitals and other premises for this purpose. Therefore, the Scottish Ministers and members of the public need to have confidence and trust that those appointed to Boards are of suitable character to undertake these duties.


Laurie Whyte

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