Public procurement strategy: 2023 to 2028

The first Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland provides a future high-level vision and roadmap for Scottish public procurement which all public sector bodies can align to and deliver against.


Measurement of Success

To ensure there is movement towards the aims and aspirations of this Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland, measurement of progress will be undertaken. Making use of both qualitative and quantitative data, measurement will be taken across the Public Sector making use of data already gathered, and will be focused on measures for each Good For. Public bodies' Procurement Strategies and Annual Procurement Reports should reflect the Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland. Progress against the Strategy will be presented through the Annual Report on Procurement Activity in Scotland as well as common established Key Performance Indicators. During the life of the Strategy, measurement will be continually improved to allow new data sources to be included.

Strategy Updates

This Strategy will be allowed to embed, to ensure that there is alignment to the strategic aims outlined above. The Strategy content will be considered annually. This will provide the opportunity to allow minor adjustments and refinements throughout the life of the Strategy.



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