Public procurement strategy: 2023 to 2028

The first Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland provides a future high-level vision and roadmap for Scottish public procurement which all public sector bodies can align to and deliver against.

Strategy Structure

Our National Performance Framework provides a common purpose, and values, for all of Scotland. Through this, we aim to:

  • create a more successful country
  • give opportunities to all people living in Scotland
  • increase the wellbeing of people living in Scotland
  • create sustainable and inclusive growth
  • reduce inequalities and give equal importance to economic, environmental and social progress

Within Procurement we have outcomes outlined by the Sustainable Procurement Duty, which requires us to buy in a way which is:

  • good for businesses and employees
  • good for society
  • good for places and communities
  • open and connected

These outcomes, which are supported by Scottish Government policies and guidance as well as sectorial and organisational policies and guidance, underpin and enable our work. To further support this, the Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland is structured around these areas, as well as acknowledging enablers to help achieve our aims.

Our Purpose

To use our collective spending power to deliver sustainable and inclusive economic growth

  • Good for businesses and their employees
  • Good for society
  • Good for places and communities
  • Open and connected



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