Public procurement strategy: 2023 to 2028

The first Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland provides a future high-level vision and roadmap for Scottish public procurement which all public sector bodies can align to and deliver against.


The objectives are the very heart of the strategy. They set out how public sector bodies in Scotland can align.

Good for Businesses and their Employees

Maximise the impact of procurement to boost a green, inclusive and wellbeing economy, promoting and enabling innovation in procurement.

By Business we include any organisation or enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities including, voluntary, charity, for – profit and non-profit entities.


Promoting early supplier engagement to foster innovative and entrepreneurial responses to Public Sector needs and requirements.

Collaborating with organisations to deliver positive, green and inclusive social impacts within public contracts. Having a holistic approach with key suppliers.

Supply Chain and Resilience

Encouraging a sustainable supply base that can support the work of the Public Sector to provide resilient and robust supply chains.

Developing appropriate relationships and putting forward looking plans in place to support the development of the Supply Markets, improving security of supply and reducing risk.

SMEs, Third Sector and Supported Businesses

Consider how procurements are conducted and contracts are developed, to reduce barriers and enable participation for SMEs, Third Sector organisations, and Supported Business, in Public Sector Procurement.

Contract Management

Carrying out ongoing proportional contract management to ensure the right outcomes are delivered and the performance of contracts is maximised.

Good for Places and Communities

Maximising the impact of procurement with strong community engagement and development to deliver social and economic outcomes as a means to drive wellbeing by creating quality employment and skills.

Community Wealth Building – Fair Work First and Community Benefits

Maximising economic and social benefits through procurement and commissioning, applying fair work practices, developing good enterprises, and secure supply chains.

Supporting a sustainable built environment

Maximising opportunities in procurement to develop, enhance and maintain a sustainable built environment.

Creating a portfolio of frameworks delivering a range of construction activity across the public sector which considers the economic impact and the sustainability of the construction industry and the requirement for inclusive growth and climate change targets. Ensure construction projects reflect and help deliver all pertinent Scottish Government obligations including Fair Work First and Net Zero. Actively consider issues including but not limited to Fair Work First and Net Zero early in procurements and commissioning activity.

Whole life costing

Promoting sustainable procurement through routine consideration of whole life costing to ensure value for money in procurement, minimise environmental damage and maximise socio-economic benefits

Community Participation

Engaging with communities to understand local needs and requirements to help shape procurement policies, initiatives and contracts.

Climate Crisis and Environment

Making informed decisions as we engage early with suppliers to create innovative solutions to positively respond to the climate crisis.

Eliminating waste throughout the supply chain where possible.

Act in a way that will secure net zero emissions through a Just Transition and promote a circular economy.

Good for Society

Ensure that we are efficient, effective and forward thinking through continuous improvement to help achieve a fairer and more equal society.

Economic Wellbeing

Make conscious and considered decisions that achieve best value and aims to establish practices and contracts that support the people and organisations of Scotland.

Emergency situations

Procurement has been critical in responding to previous emergencies and humanitarian situations, and will strive to provide innovative, effective and efficient responses to future emergency situations.

Food security

Ensuring high standards of animal welfare and sustainable production and waste reductions through the procurement process to improve community health, wellbeing and education.

Open and Connected

Ensure procurement in Scotland is open, transparent and connected at local, national and international levels.

Global Reach

Remain connected to support development of best practice.


We will strive for an ease of doing business with the Public Sector and for the Public Sector to be able to easily do business with our suppliers.

Take advantage of opportunities to develop and improve the data, management information and systems, while leveraging automation and future technologies.


Promoting consistent use of tools, platforms and systems, processes, guidance and templates.



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