Public attitudes to Coronavirus: January update

This report includes some high level findings from recent polling work on public attitudes to the coronavirus pandemic in Scotland.

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Annex A: Sample sizes

YouGov results are based on a sample of c.1,000 adults 18+ across Scotland at each wave. YouGov apply weighting to the data to match the population profile to adjust for any over/under representations and to maximise consistency from wave to wave. Parameters used include age, gender, social class, region and level of education.

Table 2: Fieldwork information
Name Sample size Age group Field dates
YouGov weekly survey Wave 33: 1013 18+ Wave 33: 3-4 Nov
Wave 34: 1004 Wave 34: 10-11 Nov
Wave 35: 1009 Wave 35: 17-18 Nov
Wave 36: 1002 Wave 36: 24-25 Nov
Wave 37: 1020 Wave 37: 1-2 Dec
Wave 38: 1002 Wave 38: 8-9 Dec
Wave 39: 1009 Wave 39: 15-16 Dec
Wave 41: 1005 Wave 41: 29-30 Dec

Fieldwork dates cover the period where the bulk of the survey fieldwork was completed. Usually a small number of interviews are completed on the morning after the dates shown. Fieldwork was paused for one week (week 40) for the festive period.



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