Protecting Scotland's children and young people: it is still everyone's job

Review of various child protection systems and organisations in Scotland.

Appendix C: Key Reports, Inquiries & Policy Developments for Protecting Children and Young People

Author Year Report/Inquiry/Policy Description
Scottish Executive 2001 For Scotland's Children: Better Integrated Children's services Sets out an aspiration for all Scotland's children where which local authorities, the NHS and the voluntary sector can work together to create a single children's services system.
Scottish Executive 2002 "It's Everyone's Job to Make Sure I'm Alright": Report of the Child Protection Audit and Review. Audit and review of child protection practice across Scotland.
Scottish Executive 2004 Protecting Children and Young People: Framework for Standards The Scottish Executive's Child Protection Reform Programme (2003-2006) resulted in several guidance documents following the Audit and Review (2002).

The Charter was developed from research conducted by Save the Children providing ten key messages from children and young people across Scotland.
Scottish Executive 2004 Protecting Children and Young People: The Charter
Scottish Executive 2005 Protecting Children and Young People: Child Protection Committees
HMIE 2009 How well do we protect children and meet their needs? Findings from the first national programme of joint inspections to protect children.
Scottish Government 2008 Getting it Right for Every Child National Practice Model The National Practice model (Wellbeing Wheel, the My World Triangle and the Resilience Matrix), provides a holistic understanding of the child's developmental needs and how these can be met.
Scottish Government 2012 National Risk Framework to Support the Assessment of Children and Young People Provides an assessment model where there may be child protection concerns. This holistic approach builds on the GIRFEC National Practice Model for practitioners to approach the task of risk identification, assessment, analysis and management with confidence and competence.
Vincent, S & Petch, A 2012 An audit and review of Significant Case Reviews This report presents the findings from an audit and analysis of 56 Significant Case Reviews ( SCRs) and 43 Initial Case Reviews ( ICRs) conducted in Scotland since 2007.
Care Inspectorate 2013 How well do we protect children and meet their needs? Findings from the second national programme of joint inspections of services to protect children 2009-2012.
Scottish Government 2014 (Updated from 2010) National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2014 Provides a national framework for agencies and practitioners at a local level to understand and agree processes for working together to safeguard and promote the wellbeing of children. It also sets out expectations for strategic planning of services to protect children and young people and highlights key responsibilities for services and organisations, both individual and shared. This guidance incorporated the Framework for Standards and Child Protection Committee Guidance.
Care Inspectorate 2014a A report on the effectiveness of child protection arrangements across Scotland The Care Inspectorate reported on the effectiveness of adult and child protection arrangements to Scottish Ministers following the inspection year 2013/14.
Care Inspectorate 2014b How well are we improving the lives of children and young people? A guide to evaluating services using quality indicators . This guide provides a framework of quality indicators to support self-evaluation which leads to
improvement across services for children, young people and families.
Jackie Brock (Children in Scotland) 2014 The Brock Report - Safeguarding Scotland's Vulnerable Children from Child Abuse: a review of the Scottish system Independent report to the Cabinet Secretary to consider the development of safeguarding children and promoting well-being since 1995 in Scotland.
Scottish Government 2014 & 2016 Child Death Review Report : Scottish Government Child Death Review Working Group

& Follow up report:

Child Death Reviews: Steering Group Report
A report by a Scottish Government short-life working group which explored current practice in Scotland and considered whether Scotland should introduce a national collaborative multi-agency system for reviewing the circumstances surrounding the death of a child.
Scottish Government 2015 National Guidance for Child Protection Committees on Conducting a Significant Case Review Guidance to support Child Protection Committees in the process and governance of Significant and Initial Case Reviews.
Care Inspectorate 2015a Inspecting and Improving Care and Social Care Work in Scotland 2011-2014 First triennial review presents findings from scrutiny and improvement work including child protection.
Care Inspectorate 2015b Code of Practice for the Review of Significant Case Reviews for children and young people in Scotland Developed by the Care Inspectorate to improve consistency and quality in Significant Case Reviews.
Care Inspectorate 2016 Learning from Significant Case Reviews in Scotland: A retrospective review of relevant reports completed in the period between 1 April 2012 and 31 March 2015 This report presents the findings of a review by the Care Inspectorate of 20 SCRs, conducted in Scotland over the three years from April 2012 to March 2015. The 20 SCRs involved a total of 23 children and young people, of whom 11 had died.


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