Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011: Code of conduct for Property Factors

The code of conduct part of the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011 which property factors are required to abide to.


5.1 You must have, and maintain, adequate professional indemnity insurance, unless you are a social sector property factor who can demonstrate equivalent protections through another route.

If your agreement with homeowners includes arranging any type of insurance, the following standards will apply:

5.2 You must provide each homeowner with clear information showing the basis upon which their share of the insurance premium is calculated, the sum insured, the premium paid, any excesses which apply, the name of the company providing insurance cover and the terms of the policy. The terms of the policy may be supplied in the form of a summary of cover, but full details must be available for inspection on request at no charge, unless a paper or electronic copy is requested, in which case you may impose a reasonable charge for providing this.

5.3 You must disclose to homeowners, in writing, any commission, administration fee, rebate or other payment or benefit you receive from the company providing insurance cover and any financial or other interest that you have with the insurance provider. You must also disclose any other charge you make for providing the insurance.

5.4 If applicable, you must have a procedure in place for submitting insurance claims on behalf of homeowners and for liaising with the insurer to check that claims are dealt with promptly and correctly. If homeowners are responsible for submitting claims on their own behalf (for example, for private or internal works), you must supply all information that they reasonably require in order to be able to do so.

5.5 You must keep homeowners informed of the progress of their claim or provide them with sufficient information to allow them to pursue the matter themselves.

5.6 On request, you must be able to show how and why you appointed the insurance provider, including any cases where you decided not to obtain multiple quotes.

5.7 If applicable, documentation relating to any tendering or selection process (excluding any commercially sensitive information) should be available for inspection, free of charge, by homeowners on request. If a paper or electronic copy is requested, you may make a reasonable charge for providing this, subject to notifying the homeowner of this charge in advance.

If your agreement with homeowners includes arranging buildings insurance:

5.8 You must inform homeowners of the frequency with which property revaluations will be undertaken for the purposes of buildings insurance, and adjust this frequency if instructed by the appropriate majority of homeowners in the group.

Additional standard for situations where a land maintenance company owns the land:

5.9 On request you must provide homeowners with clear details of the costs of public liability insurance, how their share of the cost was calculated, the terms of the policy and the name of the company providing insurance cover.


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