Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011: Code of conduct for Property Factors

The code of conduct part of the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011 which property factors are required to abide to.


1 The definition of "homeowner", as it appears in the Act, is attached in Annex A.

2 In the context of the Code, the term "land" refers to both land and any buildings on that land.

3 For example (not an exhaustive list):
- Named in the Title Deeds as the property factor for the first (x period of time). This time limit has/has not expired.
- Appointed by a decision of a majority of homeowners on x date.
- Operating as property factor by custom and practice – no formal appointment exists.

4 If you are subject to FSA regulation, compliance with their rules will be in addition to the requirement for property factors to comply with the Code.

5 An emergency repair would be where urgent work is required to prevent damage, or in the interests of health and safety, and where there is not time to use the normal channels of consultation and decision-making.


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