Private sector rent statistics: 2010 - 2021

This publication presents statistics on average private sector rent levels in Scotland by Broad Rental Market Area and size of property, for the years 2010 to 2021.

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9. Broad Rental Market Area Profiles

This section provides profiles for private rents in each of the 18 Broad Rental Market Areas.[10]

The commentary focusses on annual changes and 11 year cumulative changes for average (mean) rents by property sizes, as well as changes over time to the bottom end (lower quartile) and top end (upper quartile) of the rental markets.

The commentary does not cover changes to median rents given that these often show similar trends to mean rents, however users may also wish to look at the median figures and trends in the profile tables and charts.[11]

The map on the following page illustrates the different geographical areas covered by each Broad Rental Market Area. It is also possible to search for the Broad Rental Market Area associated with a particular postcode.[12] including the provision of detailed PDF maps of each area.

Excel versions of each of the Broad Rental Market Area Profiles along with an online Interactive Excel Workbook, in which different rental measures, Broad Rental Market Areas and property sizes can be selected and compared in the same chart, are both available from the Housing Statistics webpage.

Broad Rental Market Area
Map of Broad Market Rental Areas in Scotland



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