Principles of Inclusive Communication: An information and self-assessment tool for public authorities

Information and self-assessment tool for public authorities.

The self-assessment tool

The 10 performance indicators provide a self-assessment tool which will help service providers measure their organisation's performance against the six principles in this document. They will also provide an understanding of how to work toward best practice to deliver inclusive communication.

These indicators cover hard data and service user perception. They have been identified to fit easily into the self-assessment models and frameworks that public authorities already use. For example, the Public Service Improvement Framework ( PSIF). See the appendix for mapping of these indicators with PSIF.

You may also wish to incorporate these indicators into your Equality Impact Assessments ( EQIAs), as communication is a fundamental part of all elements of service delivery.

These indicators cover:

  • Data gathering
  • Service user perception
  • What the service does
  • What the service achieves
  • Quantitative and qualitative information

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