Pregnancy and Parenthood in Young People Strategy

This is the first Scottish Strategy which focuses on pregnancy and parenthood in young people.

Appendix D: Developing the Strategy

In 2013, the Health and Sport Committee held an inquiry into teenage pregnancy in Scotland. One of the recommendations from the inquiry was for a stand-alone Strategy for Scotland to further progress teenage pregnancy, moving the focus away from a solely health-based agenda, and to continue to act on the wider determinants. In order to address this complex area, the Strategy was developed using a collaborative approach as described below.

Strategy Steering Group

The Pregnancy and Parenthood in Young People Strategy Steering Group was an advisory group to the Scottish Government, providing recommendations on the content and development of the Strategy based on their expert knowledge, experience and evidence. The Strategy Steering Group supported the development; approved content of the draft Strategy, provided strategic leadership and guidance to develop a multi-disciplinary Strategy with full partnership engagement. Membership of the Steering Group can be found at Annex 1.

Involving Young People

The Pregnancy and Parenthood in Young People Strategy has been developed both with and for young people. Young Scot carried out a 'co-design' process which sought the views of young people and young parents through an online survey and through four focus groups (supporting document). To supplement this, the Scottish Government also linked with other local parenting groups, including young fathers in Her Majesty's Young Offenders Institution Polmont, in order to obtain the views and attitudes of wide range of young people and young parents (supporting document). The results of these engagement exercises, along with the views of professionals and high level evidence, have been central in informing the content of the Strategy.

Outcomes Framework

A Strategic logic model and nested models were developed to help determine the short, medium and long term outcomes of the Strategy. This is designed to support and inform policy makers, planners, evaluators and researchers. The Strategy was developed using review level evidence to inform an outcome framework. A summary of review level evidence can be found in appendix 4. It should be noted that for a variety of reasons we do not always have 'good' review level evidence for all the links in the logic model. This lack of evidence, however, does not necessarily mean there is no link between two components in the logic model nor that evidence of effectiveness does not exist, it may be that it has not been reported or evaluated. Similarly, lack of evidence should not always prevent us from acting. In some instances plausible theory has been drawn on to explain the links in the model. An outcomes triangle and results chains have not been fully developed but are still being considered.

Annex 1 Pregnancy and Parenthood in Young People Steering Group Membership


Professor John Frank (The Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research & Policy)


Alison Hadley OBE (Director of the Teenage Pregnancy Knowledge Exchange, University of Bedfordshire)
Alison Hardie (Young Scot)
Andrea Priestley (Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland)
Anita Morrison (Scottish Government)
Ann Milovic (Scottish Government)
Ann Eriksen (NHS Tayside)
Anne Mullin (Deep End GPs)
Carolyn Wilson (Scottish Government)
Carrie Lindsay (Fife Council)
Catherine Calderwood (Scottish Government)
Chloe Swift (Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People)
Christine Boyle (North Lanarkshire Council)
Christine Greig (Scottish Government)
Clare Burns (Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland)
Clare Simpson (Parenting Across Scotland)
Dawn Archibald (Association of Directors of Education in Scotland)
Dona Milne (NHS Lothian)
Ewan Ross (Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland)
Felicity Sung (Scottish Government)
Fiona MacDonald (Scottish Government)
Gareth Brown (Scottish Government)
Heather Sloan (NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde)
John Higgins (Education Scotland)
Kathryn Dawson (Rape Crisis Scotland)
Kerri Todd (Strategic Youth Health Improvement Leads)
Liz Fergus (Scottish Government)
Pauline McGough (Sexual Health Lead Clinicians)
Marian Flynn (Glasgow City Council)
Moira Niven (Association of Directors of Education in Scotland)
Nicky Coia (NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde)
Rebecca Wade (NHS Borders)
Ruth Johnston (Scottish Government)
Shirley Windsor (NHS Health Scotland)
Thomas Lynch (Father's Advisory Panel)


Email: Ruth Johnston

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