Pregnancy and parenthood in young people: strategy update

Reports on progress against aims and actions and sets out next steps.

Local Progress (April 2016 – March 2017)

Following the publication of the Strategy in March 2016, local areas have been considering how they will deliver the Strategy as part of their overall approach to achieving positive outcomes for children and young people.

In order to enable local areas to provide a high level update on local implementation, a self-assessment template was developed and sent out in March 2017. The template asked some short, high level questions about local progress in regard to needs assessment and action plans in relation to pregnancy and parenthood in young people.

The template also included a 'Key Question'. This year, local areas were asked about the support available to help young pregnant women and young parents continue in school/education.

It is intended that the template will be circulated to the local leads on an annual basis.


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