Pregnancy and parenthood in young people: strategy update

Reports on progress against aims and actions and sets out next steps.

Delivering the Strategy: March 2016 – September 2017

The first period of delivery of the ten-year Strategy has been about establishing effective working relationships, communicating the evidence and aims of the Strategy and determining the initial priorities for implementation.

Delivery structures to support implementation have been established and links have been made across Government to help ensure that pregnancy and parenthood in young people is considered where policies include a focus on the lives of children and young people.

A reporting process has been established whereby local areas will be asked to complete a high level self-assessment template on an annual basis. The questions in the template will change over the course of the Strategy.

The Strategy contains four key strands: Leadership and Accountability; Giving Young People More Control; Pregnancy in Young People; and Parenthood in Young People.

The strands are underpinned by five guiding principles, which each action aims to achieve:

Five guiding principles


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