Pesticide usage in Scotland 2016: soft fruit crops

A revised version of this report has been issued to correct inaccuracies in active substance application weight data that were overestimated in the original report. This issue only affects certain herbicide active substances in relation to quantity applied. Please do not use the original version of this report as this has now been replaced by the revised 2020 report: Pesticide usage in Scotland 2016: soft fruit crops – revised 2020.

This publication presents information from a survey of pesticide use on soft fruit crops grown in Scotland during 2016.

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Table 35: Pesticides encountered in the soft fruit survey for the first time in 2016

Active substance Type (1) Area treated (ha) Amount used (kg)
Cyflufenamid F 70 1
Aphidoletes aphidimyza B 23 N/A
Neoseiulus californicus B 10 N/A
Beauveria bassiana GHA BP 7 1

(1) Pesticide type = B: Biological control agent, BP: Biopesticide, F: Fungicide

N/A = arthropod biological control agents are applied by number of organisms rather than weight therefore data are not presented


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