Peer Mentoring Opportunities for Looked After Children and Care Leavers

This report and its recommendations are the result of a small project exploring services offering and

research around peer mentoring and how such practice could be developed to improve outcomes for Looked After Children and Care Leavers in Scotland.


i. This report will be circulated to all relevant stakeholders including Corporate Parenting and Throughcare Lead Officers, Looked After Children Strategic Implementation Group (LACSIG), and all of the relevant hubs, Third Sector Partners and all those who have contributed to and/or expressed interest in this project.

ii. This report will also be made available on the Scottish Government Website at:

iii. CELCIS, in partnership with Scottish Government, will facilitate a seminar by autumn 2012 to consider Peer Mentoring Opportunities for Looked After Children and Care Leavers. This will enable i) dissemination of information from this report ii) further discussion of experiences and practice and iii) confirm interest in the development and/or piloting of peer mentoring opportunities.

iv. 4/5 programmes to be identified in different local authorities which can be established in partnership with experienced third sector organisations :to maximise the potential value of this project, these peer mentoring programmes should be focussed on Care Leavers around the period of their transition from care. The progress of this project should be monitored by the Looked After Children Strategic Implementation Group (LACSIG).

v. Independent evaluation will be required to manage this project effectively and discussions should be held with CELCIS and Scottish Government to consider their role in this; the approach to evaluation should be explored through discussions at the seminar to ensure the development of a shared understanding of this process.

vi. Training resources should be adapted as required at local level depending on the particular focus of each individual programme and these should also be evaluated.


Email: Eliza Brush

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