School estates: core facts overview

Overview of the information used to measure progress of our school estates strategy.

Core Fact 4: Suitability of the school estate

A separate guidance document has been prepared for the Suitability Core Fact and the latest version should be referred to for any detailed guidance.

Suitability is a measure of whether a school building and its grounds are fit for the purpose of delivering the education curriculum.

This assessment will be based on advice from those that are familiar with the school and the services it delivers. Those best placed to bring the assessment together are the school management team(s) and faculty heads, along with the education core team from the authority, taking account of the views of others, principally staff and pupils.

The suitability data required for reporting on each school is:

  • Suitability (ratings A to D)
  • Plans to Change Suitability
  • Completion Date Change Suitability
  • Date of last assessment


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