School estates: core facts overview

Overview of the information used to measure progress of our school estates strategy.

Core Fact 1: Extent of the school estate

General data is provided on each individual school including the gross internal floor area. Once the data is consolidated it provides information on the numbers of schools by types, areas and overall totals. This is fundamental for monitoring the progress made in delivering the strategy.

The general data required for reporting on each school is:

  • School Name
  • LA code
  • Centre Number
  • School Type
  • School Overview Description
  • School Open
  • Gross Internal Floor Area ( GIFA) (m2)
  • School Comments
  • Shared Campus
  • Funded PPP/ NPD/ DBFM
  • Community Services
  • Rebuilt or Refurbished
  • New Build or Refurb
  • Date Works Completed
  • Total Value Works


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