School estates: core facts overview

Overview of the information used to measure progress of our school estates strategy.

Core Fact 2: Condition of the school estate

A separate guidance document has been prepared for the Condition Core Facts and the latest version should be referred to for any detailed guidance.

Condition is concerned with the current state of the fabric of the school and with safety and security.

Condition has a direct impact on what goes on in the school. Appropriate forward planning and prudent, timely decisions on ongoing maintenance will best enable authorities to sustain the quality and asset value of their school buildings over the long term. Schools in good condition - irrespective of age or design - signal to all users (pupils, teachers, staff and the community) that learning is a valued activity, that the learning environment is a priority and often gives that all important 'feel-good factor'.

Experience shows the assessment of condition works best when carried out as a team exercise involving experienced building surveyors supported by maintenance, mechanical and electrical specialists along with appropriate representatives from the authority's Education service. Also, where the process is integrated into the planned and unplanned maintenance regimes along with the strategic investment planning.

The condition data required for reporting on each school is:

  • Gross Floor Area in Condition A (m2)
  • Gross Floor Area in Condition B (m2)
  • Gross Floor Area in Condition C (m2)
  • Gross Floor Area in Condition D (m2)
  • Overall Condition of school (A - D)
  • Gross Internal Floor Area ( GIFA) (m2)
  • Large Change
  • Date of most recent full survey
  • Date of most recent intermediate survey (if after full survey)
  • Set of compliance data


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