Outcomes for procurement

Outcomes for procurement will help us shape the advice, services and solutions we deliver across public procurement in Scotland.

Good for places and communities

Our work delivers for communities and places across Scotland while ensuring we remain a globally progressive nation.

This means we engage with citizens, taking local priorities in to account, and we have made it a legal obligation to consider community benefits.

Environmental considerations are already at the heart of our sustainable procurement duty, but there is much more we can and need to do.

We have committed to use the power of public procurement to support the climate emergency and to contribute to our climate change targets. We need to focus on 'what' and 'how much' we buy as well as on 'how' we buy.

We want to do business with responsible suppliers and supply chains who share our commitment to reducing emissions and waste, with a particularly focus on manufacturing and packaging processes, transport and logistics.

shamrock shaped diagram highlighting the ‘good for places and communities’ procurement outcome

Our video case study on the circular economy is an example of how buyers can reduce the impact of their procurements on the environment.

screenshot of the video featuring a landfill site

In this particular case study, they are also creating jobs, providing training and helping their local communities.

You can also watch our video explaining the good for places and communities outcome.


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