Outcomes for procurement

Outcomes for procurement will help us shape the advice, services and solutions we deliver across public procurement in Scotland.

The Scottish Model of Procurement

With over a decade of reform, the Scottish Model of Procurement was enshrined in the Procurement Reform Act (2014). This defines 'how' we buy.

This gave us the Scottish Model which sets the principals of:

  • Embedding sustainability in all we do.
  • Improving supplier access to public contracts.
  • Maximising efficiency and collaboration.
  • Delivering savings and benefits.
diagram depicting the Scottish Model of Procurement

However, things don't stand still. We need to move our strategic focus and vision away from process and on to outcomes.

We must support our National Performance Framework and respond to evolving environmental priorities, protect the human rights of workers in our supply chains, and include local communities in our decision making.


Email: scottishprocurement@gov.scot

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