Outcomes for procurement

Outcomes for procurement will help us shape the advice, services and solutions we deliver across public procurement in Scotland.

Good for society

For procurement, this means:

  • We work in a way that is mindful of our impact on people's wellbeing.
  • We are inclusive and share opportunities and wealth.
  • We are open to innovative approaches to help us act on some of Scotland's most difficult social issues.
  • We actively pursue equality outcomes, and all public bodies are legally required, in the exercise of their functions, to have due regard to the need to equalities and to promote equality outcomes.
shamrock diagram highlighting the ‘good for society’ procurement outcome

We respect human rights and work to ensure that our supply chains are:

  • Fair and ethical - including considerations of everything from human trafficking and exploitation, fair trade and health and safety; to ensuring that people are able to participate effectively where decisions are made by a public body which impact upon their rights.
  • Driving equality outcomes, 'inclusive' economic growth and community benefits through procurement - including, for example, tackling inequality with targeted training and employability considerations.

We also regularly issue policy note updates to promote best practice, for example the guidance on the procurement of care and support services.

Our case study on Scotland's Bravest, a supported business shows how people's lives can be changed through thoughtful procurement. The company supplies signs to the public sector while employing and training disabled ex-servicemen.

screenshot of the video featuring a man in a hi vis vest working on some road signage

You can also watch our video explaining the good for society outcome.


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