Nutritional analysis: software specification

Guidance for local authorities, or their contracted caterers, for advice to procure software which will be used to plan and nutritionally analyse food and drink provision in schools in order to meet the Nutritional Requirements for food and drink in schools (Scotland) Regulations, 2020.

Output of the System

29. The software must display whether the value of energy is within a 15% tolerance the nutrient standard on a daily basis, and a 10% tolerance on a weekly basis. No tolerance should be built into the system or displayed for any other nutrient.

30. The software must display the absolute values for energy and each of the 16 nutrients of the analysed menu and compare these to the statutory nutrient standards selected (primary or secondary). This must include the % of the value against each nutrient standard. Absolute values for energy and each of the 16 nutrients must be displayed on any graphical output.

31. The menu plan, including when exported, must display the number of servings and portion size for each menu item.

32. The nutritional value per portion of each recipe must be able to be displayed, exported and printed in a clear, legible format. For sweetened and baked goods (as defined in the Regulations), this should show the nutrient values per portion compared to the specification for products in this category set within the Regulations, at both lunch and outwith lunch. The recipe should be able to be exported and include ingredient weights and method so that it can be used as a recipe in a kitchen.

33. The software must have the ability to export the data in a format that can be printed, emailed and saved.

34. A back-up of data saved and menu plans worked on will be in place.



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