New National Parks - nomination process and draft appraisal framework: consultation

We produced an appraisal framework to support the assessment of nominations for new National Park designations. This consultation is seeking your views and comments on this and the selection criteria for new National Parks in Scotland.

Annex B – New National Park(s) Project – Timeline and Process

High level timeline of the process stages for the selection and designation of a new National Park(s).

2022 - 23

National Discussion

  • Consultation: the future of National Parks in Scotland
  • Consultation: selecting new National Parks and changes to National Parks' powers and functions

2023 - 24

Nominations and Appraisal

  • Development of appraisal framework and public consultation
  • Nominations for new National Parks
  • Appraisal of nominations


Reporter Investigation

  • Ministers announce proposal for new National Park(s) and Reporter investigation begins
  • Consultation on new National Park proposal
  • Report to Ministers

2025 - 26


  • Development of draft Designation Order
  • Consultation on draft Designation Order
  • Designation Order laid in Parliament



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