New National Parks - nomination process and draft appraisal framework: consultation

We produced an appraisal framework to support the assessment of nominations for new National Park designations. This consultation is seeking your views and comments on this and the selection criteria for new National Parks in Scotland.

3. Nominations process

3.1 Timeline

The timeline for the nomination process is set out below (final dates will be included in the table below at time of publication):

Process Stage: Registration of interest


Individuals, groups or organisations considering making a proposal will be invited to register their interest.

Registration will be open from 11 May 2023. There is no requirement to register interest in order to submit a nomination. Nor does registration commit a group or organisation to submitting a nomination. Registration details will not be made public.

Registration will allow Scottish Government to update interested parties with any important information, key dates and communications throughout the process. It will also enable Scottish Government to contact interested parties about the offer of support that will be made available during the nomination process.

Registration of interest can be completed before or during the nominations window by emailing or by post to New National Parks Team, Scottish Government, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh EH6 6QQ.

Date: 11 May 2023

Process Stage: Publish final appraisal framework and timeframes


Final appraisal framework published following a period of consultation.

The framework sets out the nominations process and selection criteria that proposals will be appraised against.

This includes confirmed dates/durations for each stage of the process.


Process Stage: Launch nominations process (including support offering to nominating groups)


The nomination window will formally commence – for a period of 5 months/20 weeks.

The external organisation providing support will contact all nominating groups registered with Scottish Government and where individuals, groups or organisations have requested such support.


Process Stage: Nomination window (5 months)


The period during which individuals, groups and organisations will compile their proposals including the information required as set out in the appraisal framework.


Process Stage: Deadline for nominations


Deadline for the submission of nominations to be received by Scottish Government.


Process Stage: Screening and appraisal of nominations


All proposals will be appraised based on the criteria set out in the framework. The Scottish Government may request additional information from nominees. Appraisal report will be prepared for Ministers.


Process Stage: Confirmation of nomination(s) to be progressed as 'National Park proposal(s)'


Scottish Government to announce the nomination(s) to be taken forward for designation as a National Park, subject to the findings of the statutory reporter process and relevant legal conditions being met.

(This table will be replaced with a final and confirmed timeline following the consultation of the appraisal framework. This indicative table is included for information during the consultation phase).

Support to areas wishing to put forward a nomination

Subject to a successful open procurement exercise to appoint an external organisation with the relevant expertise, a non-financial support offering will be made available to nominating groups. Final details of this support offering will be confirmed before the nomination window commences and it will be designed to enable and support groups in the planning, and development of their nominations, for example by helping to arrange and host local community discussions and workshops.

3.2 Format

The Scottish Government recognises that proposals may be based on a wide range of information and evidence. Where possible, electronic files are requested and should be provided in PDF format.

3.3 Submission

Proposals must be received by the deadline (date to be confirmed following consultation).

These can be submitted by the following means:



New National Parks Team
Scottish Government
Victoria Quay



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