New Build Heat Standard: consultation - part two

We are seeking views on our detailed proposals for a New Build Heat Standard (NBHS) to prohibit the use of direct emissions heating systems in new buildings warranted from April 2024.

1. Timeline

Pathway to 2024

Summer 2022:

Consultation (Part II) on the new build heat standard

Autumn 2022:

Consultation workshops

October 2022:

Consultation close - End of public consultation period on NBHS

1 December 2022:

Building (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2022 come into force - Introduction of improved fabric measures for new buildings, with the continued use of direct emissions heating allowed

April – May 2023:

Spring 2023 - Passage of new build heat standard regulations through Parliament

31 December 2023:

Local Heat & Energy Efficiency (LHEES) Deadline - Deadline for all local authorities to produce first LHEES Strategy and Delivery Plan

Early 2024:

Regulation of ZDEH Heat Networks comes into force

1 April 2024:

NBHS comes into force - All new buildings applying for a warrant from this date will be prohibited from using direct emissions heating systems



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