Neurological Framework Funding: list of organisations funded

List of funding recipients to support the implementation of the Neurological care and support: framework for action 2020 to 2025.

Staff capacity building

Action for M.E. (lead partner), #MEAction Scotland, The ME Association, The 25% ME Group*     

Area covered: Scotland wide
Developed a continuous professional development (CPD) module for clinicians, including GPs, made freely available and promoted through a coordinated marketing campaign. Updated and further disseminated the ‘Learn About M.E.’ CPD training module for clinicians and medical students, and produced three podcasts featuring professionals and patients. Evaluated the impact.
Funding given: 2020-2021: £11,118, 2021-2022: £31,358, 2022-2023: £10,750
Total of £53,226
Completed: September 2023
Final report pending.

NHS Grampian

Area covered: Grampian, Shetland and Orkney
GP support for Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) – A pilot study that seeks to improve FND referral and treatment from primary care by pairing GPs with neurologists for training sessions. Data on care pathways and referral is compared pre and post education. Project completion has been delayed firstly by the challenges of recruiting GP practices to the study. Sufficient post education case numbers are required before analysis can be completed.
Funding given: 2020-2021: £15,100
Completion date to be decided.

Migraine Trust / NHS Grampian

Area covered: Grampian
Partnering with Pharmacists to Improve Migraine Management – With support from NHS Grampian and the Pharmacy Medicines Directorate, working with community, primary and secondary care pharmacists to help people with migraines manage their symptoms and treatments more effectively.
Funding given: 2022-2023: £85,675
Phase 1 due to complete January 2024 but with further 12 months of funding awarded to scale up this work.

NHS Lanarkshire

Area covered: Lanarkshire
Community Brain Injury Team (CBIT) LearnPro – Developed a brain injury LearnPro module to deliver high quality training on brain injury to healthcare professionals in acute and primary care settings.
Funding given: 2021-2022: £9,500
Completion Date: April 2022
Final report available on request

NHS Lanarkshire

Area covered: Scotland wide
Goal setting and Action Planning (G-AP) online training resource for staff in community rehabilitation settings; evaluated the usefulness and impact of the G-AP training resource in three community teams delivering rehabilitation to people with neurological conditions.
Funding given: £30,552
Completion Date: April 2022
Final Report – August 2022
Link to G-AP training resource

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