Neurological Framework Funding: list of organisations funded

List of funding recipients to support the implementation of the Neurological care and support: framework for action 2020 to 2025.

Local networking and improvement

Angus Health and Social Care Partnership

Area covered: Angus
Enhanced Community Support - Built upon the success of the Enhanced Community Support model in Angus, to develop a proactive approach to suit adults with neurological conditions, who are often younger, to prevent crisis management and maintain people at a good level of well-being for as long as possible.
Funding given: 2021-2022: £43,320
Completed: October 2022
Final Report – October 2022

Cerebral Palsy Scotland - CP Connect

Area covered: Scotland
Delivered a flexible support service combining virtual and in person multi-disciplinary therapy for people with cerebral palsy across Scotland. Worked to ensure the needs of adults with CP are recognised and understood by generic community-based health and social care teams so that they are better able to help adults with CP and access condition specific knowledge from CP Scotland.
Developed a flexible specialist support for adults with cerebral palsy.
Funding given: 2020-2021: 17,270, 2021-2022: £31,043, 2022-2023: £38,198
Total of £86,511
Completed: June 2023
Final Report – June 2023

Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership

Area covered: Midlothian
Midlothian Care Pathway Plan scoped out the unmet needs of people living with a neurological condition and co-produced a Midlothian pathway plan, which will be used to inform allocation of resources to NHS Lothian and Midlothian Council.
Funding given: 2021-2022: £98,986
Due to be complete October 2023

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Partners

Area covered: Great Glasgow and Clyde, Ayrshire & Arran, Lanarkshire
Partnership Delivery Group – Key framework commitments will be met using existing service providers in collaboration with patients, carers and neurology voices to ensure enhanced patient experience and to support people to live well.
Funding given: 2022-2023: £113,400
Due to complete September 2023. An award for further funding will extend this to October 2024.

NHS Orkney

Area covered: Orkney
Improved access to information and services. Scoped out services that provide care, support, information and advice to those affected by neurological conditions in Orkney to identify strengths, duplication, and gaps.
Developed an interlinked electronic resource on neurological conditions and services signposting to resources held by NHS Orkney, NHS Inform and Voluntary Action Orkney to access information about different conditions. Also developed pathways clarifying local support and best practice for neuro conditions; provided Anticipatory Care Planning education.
Funding given: 2020-2021: £12,452, 2021-2022: £51,127
Total of £63,579
Completed: October 2022
Final report available on request.

NHS Tayside

Area covered: Tayside
Breakthrough Series Collaborative - Developed a ‘Breakthrough Series Collaborative’ learning system that brought together key neuroscience stakeholders from primary and secondary care, health and social care partnerships, allied health professionals, hospital management, third sector organisations and patients
Funding given: 2020-2021: £55,000, 2021-2022: £76,000 
Total of £131,000
Final report available on request

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