National Trauma Training Programme: workforce survey 2021

Main findings from an online survey of the Scottish workforce exploring awareness and attitudes to psychological trauma and trauma-informed practice. The survey was carried out by the Improvement Service as part of the National Trauma Training Programme.

7. Summary

7.1 The results of this survey suggest that while there are relatively high levels of understanding around the concept and impact of psychological trauma within the workforce, there are lower levels of confidence in trauma-informed practice. This varies across the workforce, with those in the third sector and working in service areas where there is more direct engagement with those who have experienced trauma far more likely to understand the concepts and principles of trauma-informed practice.

7.2 This was also the case for awareness of the National Trauma Training Programme (NTTP). While around a third of respondents had prior awareness of the NTTP or completed a training or information session, this was lower among certain service areas. Where there was a relatively high uptake of these resources, such as in mental health services and alcohol and drugs, there may also be lessons to learn about why uptake is higher in these areas.

7.3 The evidence may also suggest that additional communications and promotion to target areas of low uptake of NTTP resources will help to improve confidence and understanding of trauma-informed approaches across the workforce. The results also suggest that training has to be relatively short to fit within demanding work schedules and should help participants to put lessons into practice within their workplace.

7.4 Finally, this survey will serve as a useful benchmark to compare levels of awareness and understanding in future, and to assess the effectiveness of promotion materials around the NTTP.



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