Agriculture - national test programme: partial business and regulatory impact assessment

A partial business and regulatory impact assessment, considering the impact of the national test programme.

Digital Impact Test

The National Test Programme will have a digital impact, as the claim process for it will be entirely online. Recognising the issues with internet connectivity in the remote rural areas that many of their businesses operate in, applicants also have the option of completing the claim form at their local RPID area office. By having the claim process for the National Test Programme only available online, the Scottish Government is mirroring the process used for the applications for the main rural support subsidy schemes. The first phase of Track Two will be an online survey, with the option for paper copies to be posted out and submitted for those that require it, to ensure that a lack of internet access doesn't exclude any participants. This is also consistent with the increasing shift towards the use of online interactions and services by the Scottish Government.

The National Test Programme is designed to feed into the development of the new Scottish Agriculture Bill and the future rural support framework, and so it, and the digital technology involved, is a relatively short term measure. However, the digital forms and processes developed for the National Test Programme will use new technologies where possible, and reusable components that can be repurposed or reused for the long term future rural support framework. Any development during this interim period will be a hybrid of existing technologies and new technologies. The design will make it as seamless as possible for users.



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