Agriculture - national test programme: partial business and regulatory impact assessment

A partial business and regulatory impact assessment, considering the impact of the national test programme.

Consumer Assessment

Participation in the National Test Programme is voluntary. It won't have any impact on production levels, as it only entails businesses being encouraged and supported to establish their own baseline for climate change and biodiversity metrics, and the testing of specific tools and advice that will help establish robust methods through which farmers, crofters and land managers can record the benefits to climate and nature they deliver through their businesses. As such, it will not have any impact on consumers. It will not: affect the quality, availability or price of any goods or services in a market; affect the essential services market; involve storage or increased use of consumer data; increase opportunities for unscrupulous suppliers to target consumers; impact the information available to consumers on either goods or services, or their rights in relation to these; affect routes for consumers to seek advice or raise complaints on consumer issues.



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