Agriculture - national test programme: partial business and regulatory impact assessment

A partial business and regulatory impact assessment, considering the impact of the national test programme.

Enforcement, sanctions and monitoring

For Track One, a reporting process has been developed by RPID to ensure that applications can be monitored in terms of number of participants, the options taken, the geographical spread, and the budget. This reporting will enable regular progress monitoring which will in turn be considered in any future developments of Track One, and in the development of the longer term rural support framework. All claims made under Track One will be subject to a level of validation during the claim process in the form of questions, and the requirement to supply data that would be difficult to supply unless the work had been done. All claims will be exposed to inspection selection, with a population selected for additional checks before payments are made.

For Track Two, a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework is being developed, however as this track is following a later timeline this is at an earlier stage of development than the monitoring and enforcement for Track One.



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