National Mission on Drugs: annual report 2021 to 2022

Sets out the progress made between January 2021 and 31 March 2022 by national government, local government and third sector partners towards reducing drug deaths and improving the lives of those impacted by drugs in Scotland.

Annex A: National Mission Outcomes Framework

Cross-Cutting Priorities

  • Lived Experience at the Heart
  • Equalities and Human Rights
  • Tackle Stigma
  • Surveillance and Data Informed
  • Resilient and Skilled Workforce
  • Psychologically Informed

Reduce Deaths and Improve Lives

01 Fewer people develop problem drug use

a) Young people receive evidence based, effective holistic interventions to prevent problem drug use

b) People have early access to support for emerging problem drug use

c) Supply of harmful drugs is reduced

02 Risk is reduced for people who take harmful drugs

a) Overdoses are prevented from becoming fatal

b) All people are offered evidence based harm reduction and advice

03 People at most risk have access to treatment and recovery

a) People at high risk are proactively identified and offered support

b) Effective pathways between justice and community services are established

c) Effective Near-Fatal Overdose Pathways are established across Scotland

04 People receive high quality treatment and recovery services

a) People are supported to make informed decisions about treatment options

b) Residential rehabilitation is available for all those who will benefit

c) People are supported to remain in treatment for as long as requested

d) People have the option to start medication- assisted treatment from the same day of presentation

e) People have access to high standard, evidence based, compassionate and quality assured treatment options

05 Quality of life is improved by addressing multiple disadvantages

a) All needs are addressed through joined up, person centred services

b) Wider health and social care needs are addressed through informed, compassionate services

c) Advocacy is available to empower individuals

06 Children, families and communities affected by substance use are supported

a) Family members are empowered to support their loved one's recovery

b) Family members are supported to achieve their own recovery

c) Communities are resilient and supportive



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