National Mission on Drugs: annual report 2021 to 2022

Sets out the progress made between January 2021 and 31 March 2022 by national government, local government and third sector partners towards reducing drug deaths and improving the lives of those impacted by drugs in Scotland.

8. Finance

8.1 Overview

The National Mission is delivered both nationally and locally. To achieve this, the Scottish Government partners with, and supports, many critical organisations across public and third sectors. This finance section aims to provide greater transparency of National Mission funding, by setting out:

  • where in the Scottish Government budget the funding derives
  • the routes by which it is spent – providing a breakdown of the main funding distribution channels and partners and;
  • how our funding is broken down by theme.

8.2 The National Mission budget

In 2021/22, the total funding for Alcohol and Drugs funding was from three main sources[66] shown in Figure 12:

NHS baseline funding refers to Territorial Health Boards budget allocations, which they can spend in response to local need. In 2021/22, this totalled £56.5 million. Of this, £53.8 million is provided by Scottish Government, while NHS territorial boards were requested to apply a 5% uplift locally.

Alcohol and Drugs Policy[j] funding is investment to improve the delivery of frontline care; the overarching aim of reducing harms and avoidable deaths caused by substance use. This included; £17m funding commitment from the 2017 Programme for Government which is allocated directly to NHS territorial boards; core operational budget of SG Alcohol and Drugs Policy and in 2021/22, this totalled £34,187m.[k]

National Mission Funding is the additional £50 million[l] which the First Minister committed in January 2021 to deliver the National Mission on drugs, totalling £250m over the duration of the parliament.

Figure 12: National Mission budget 2021/22 (£000s)
described in body of report
Table 1: Alcohol and Drugs funding sources for 2021/22
Funding Source 2021/22 Funding (£000s)
NHS baseline funding for Alcohol and Drugs 56,490
Alcohol and Drugs Policy 34,187
Additional National Mission Funding 50,000
Total 140,677

8.3 Funding Distribution

Table 2 below provides a breakdown of this funding by distribution channel in 2021/22.

Table 2: Alcohol and Drugs: Funding by distribution channel in 2021/22
Funding Allocated Funding (£000s)
Health Board baseline 56,490
Additional ADP funding[m] 50,400
Grants via Corra[n] 16,185
SG Managed[o] 13,903
Core Funded Organisations 3,699
Total 140,677
Figure 13: Funding distribution channels: Percentage of funding distributed by channel
described in body of report

76% of all funding is delivered via Alcohol and Drug Partnerships (ADPs). This include the baseline funding (40% of total) and funding which is provided for specific funding streams as part of the delivery of priorities (Figure 13).

8.3.1 Core Funded Organisations

Core Funded Organisations (CFOs) received a total of £3.7 million for both core funding and specific project delivery. CFOs include:

  • Crew Scotland
  • Scottish Drugs Forum
  • Scottish Recovery Consortium
  • Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs
  • With You (previously known as We Are With You)
Table 3: Core Funded Organisations ( CFO): Funding allocated in 2021/22
CFO Core Funding (£000s) Specific Project Delivery (£000s) Total (£000s)
Crew Scotland 123   123
Scottish Drugs Forum 822 1186 2008
Scottish Recovery Consortium 600 137 737
Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs 160 347 507
With You 229 95 324
Total 1934 1765 3699

8.3.2 Corra Foundation

The Corra Foundation is responsible for distributing funding to grassroots and third sector organisations through a number of dedicated funds. This accounts for 11 percent (£16.2m) of the total budget. Funding was available by open application for third sector and grass roots funds via a number of specific funds. Details of the projects and funding award can been found on Corra website.

Table 4: 2021/22 Corra Foundation funds
Fund Name Funding allocated (£000s) No. Grants Awarded Activities supported
Service Improvement Fund 5,000 35 To provide improved services for outreach, treatment, rehabilitation and after care. £3m was ring fenced for Residential Rehabilitation.
Local Support Fund 5,000 64 To provide access to funding for a wide range of communities and grassroots organisations which support the aims of the National Mission.
Children and Families Fund 3,000 5 To improve support for children, young people and families impacted by drug use, and ensure all children, young people and families have access to services.
Family Recovery Initiative Fund* 30 * Offers small grants to groups supporting families affected by alcohol and drugs in Scotland. This is a Drug Policy Division commitment and delivered in collaboration with Corra and SFAD.
Innovation Fund** 3,155 21 Developed by DDTF Multiple Complex Needs sub-group following the test of change framework to add to the evidence base for proposed interventions and pilots.

*Over 50 projects have been supported since the fund opened in 2018.[67] From September 2022, this fund has transferred to SFAD.[68]

**Details of DDTF funding distribution can be found on their website

8.3.3 Scottish Government

SG managed funds were directly administered by the Scottish Government.

Table 5: 2021/22 Scottish Government administered funding
Fund Name Funding Available (£000s) Activities supported
Recovery Fund 5,000 To support access to residential rehabilitation by providing additional capacity, supporting people to access and supporting people after they leave residential rehabilitation.
Third Sector Support Fund* 1,000 Additional funding for third sector partners to support community-based initiatives and to help smaller organisations and people apply for grants through our national funds.
National Collaborative* 500 Focused on establishing and running a new national collaboration.
Public Health 1,500 Developing public health surveillance, evaluation, monitoring and research
National Development Project Fund* 585 To provide opportunities for joint approaches at both a national and local level in projects of national significance. This funding completes the final year of funding for this programme.
DDTF Research Fund** 633 DDTF developed the fund to contribute to the evidence base to inform future actions.

*Includes funding provided to CFOs

** Details of DDTF funding distribution can be found on their website

8.4 Funding breakdown by source and theme

A breakdown of 2021/22 funding commitments by theme and funding source is provided in Table 6.

Table 6: Breakdown of Alcohol and Drugs funding commitments for 2021/22 by funding source and funding theme
Funding Theme Funding (£000s)
National Mission Commitments Children & Families 6,500
Residential Rehabilitation 13,000
Outreach 3,000
Near-Fatal Overdose Pathways 3,000
Lived and Living Experience 1,000
MAT Standards 10,400
Surveillance and Data 1,500
Local and National initiatives 13,800
Subtotal 52,200
Drugs Policy Commitments 2017/18 Programme for Government Commitment 17,000
Drug Deaths Taskforce 7,374
Nationally Funded projects 4,832
Drugs Policy Division Operational costs 1,739
Subtotal 30,945
ADP Baseline ADP baseline 56,490
Alcohol Policy Commitments Alcohol Budget 1,042
Total 140,677



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