National Islands Plan review: consultation analysis

The report sets out the main findings of the public consultation carried out to inform a review of the National Islands Plan 2019.


1 A cross-tabulation of Question 2 and Question 3 (which asked whether the plan had had a positive, negative, or no effect) showed that more than half of individuals who answered ‘yes’ at Question 2 went on to indicate at Question 3 that the effects of the plan had been negative. Only one-third of individuals who answered ‘yes’ at Question 2, answered ‘positive’ at Question 3. By contrast, no organisation that answered ‘yes’ at Question 2 went on to say at Question 3 that the effects of the plan had been ‘negative’. Note, however, that more than half of the organisations that said (at Question 2) the plan had had an effect went on to say (at Question 3) that the plan had had no effect. This apparent inconsistency suggests that the findings shown for organisations in the tables for Questions 2 and 3 should be treated with caution.

2 One respondent simply wrote ‘too many’, suggesting that this individual may have ticked the box for ‘too few’ in error.

3 See, in particular, page 35 of the Land Use Strategy.

4 Note that all children and young people under 22 in Scotland are entitled to free bus travel. The point being made here is that children on the mainland are able to get to school by bus, which is free, whereas some island children have to travel by ferry to get to school, and they have to pay for this as there is no similar scheme for ferries. This was seen to be unfair and a source of inequality for island families.

5 Copies of responses are available on the Scottish Government’s Citizen Space website where the respondent has given consent for their response to be published.

6 It is not clear which document is being referred to here.



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