National Islands Plan review: consultation analysis

The report sets out the main findings of the public consultation carried out to inform a review of the National Islands Plan 2019.

Abbreviations and terminology

In the tables throughout this report, ‘n’ at the top of columns indicates the number of respondents in each group or sub-group, while ‘%’ indicates the percentage of respondents in each group or sub-group.

Other abbreviations

SGIT: Scottish Government Islands Team – the Scottish Government policy team responsible for producing and reporting on the delivery of the National Islands Plan and other islands policies and strategies including the Islands (Scotland) Act 2018.

ICIA: Island Communities Impact Assessment – a process in which Scottish public authorities must identify the effect that policies, strategies, or services are likely to have on an island community which may be significantly different from the effect on other communities (including other island communities) in the area in which the authority exercises its functions. This duty is often referred to as ‘island proofing’ and is set out under Part 3 of the Islands (Scotland) Act 2018.

NPF4: National Planning Framework 4 – the national spatial strategy for Scotland which sets out spatial principles, regional priorities, national developments and national planning policy.



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