National Islands Plan: implementation route map 2022

Details how we will deliver our priorities over the lifetime of the National Islands Plan. It identifies the methods to monitor progress towards fulfilling the many commitments in the Plan and sets out timescales for delivery of our work.


Within the National Islands Plan, Scottish Government committed to publishing an Implementation Route Map that addresses each of the 13 Strategic Objectives and accompanying commitments listed in the Plan.

Following collaboration with Local Authorities, key stakeholders and island communities, the first National Islands Plan Implementation Route Map was published on 24 March 2021. It was published as a living document in recognition that priorities for island communities can change and we committed to review it regularly to ensure that it continued to reflect the actions required to meet the commitments in the National Islands Plan.

The Implementation Route Map sets out how we will continue to contribute to improved outcomes across our islands, and provides a route map of how we aim to deliver our priorities over the lifetime of the National Islands Plan. The 2022 revision takes a forward looking, action-focussed approach and has been developed in collaboration across Scottish Government to ensure all policy areas with responsibility for delivering the Plan have contributed.

It focuses on how each as yet unfulfilled commitment in the National Islands Plan will be delivered over the next three years, giving specific, detailed actions that will be taken across Scottish Government. Commitments that were already fulfilled in 2020/2021 do not feature in this document but you can read more about the actions that have been taken to fulfil them in the respective years’ Annual Reports.

The Implementation Route Map will be reviewed monthly by Scottish Government and quarterly by the National Islands Plan Delivery Group (see page 5)

No single organisation or sector can achieve all that we want for Scotland’s islands. This Implementation Route Map is for everyone, working for and with our islanders, and many of the actions identified in the National Islands Plan will be undertaken in partnership to improve outcomes for all island communities.



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