National Development Plan for Crofting: Island Communities Impact Assessment

Screening Report for the Island Communities Impact Assessment undertaken for the National Development Plan for Crofting.

4. Decision

Is the policy, strategy or service likely to have an effect on an island community which is significantly different from its effect on other communities (including other island communities)?

Having considered all aspects of this screening crofting policy officials confirm that there is no perceived negative impact on island communities presented by the National Development Plan. The Plan will target all crofting communities equally, whether mainland or islands, with a view to protecting crofting in those communities for future generations.

All island and mainland crofting communities will be encouraged, through the National Development Plan, to embark upon activities that are aligned with Scottish Government aims, priorities and objectives.

It is expected that the National Development Plan will have a direct positive impact on the crofting communities of the Western Isles, through the work of the Crofting Commission staff who will be based in Stornoway and/or Benbecula. If having Commission jobs in the Western Isles proves successful, consideration can be given for further development posts in other rural and island areas.



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