National Care Service - health and demographic profile: evidence

Provides an overview of Scotland’s health and demographic profile and population projections. It is part of a collection of contextual evidence papers, setting out key sources of information about social care and related areas in Scotland.

This document is part of a collection

2. Factors associated with Demand for Social Care

Accurately forecasting demands for social care is highly complex, given that there is a vast range of mental and physical illnesses and conditions associated with need for social care, a range of associated treatments and services, and the factors which interplay with demand are wide-reaching and challenging to predict (including technological developments in healthcare and treatment)[1]. Factors which have been noted as associated with demand for social care in the previous literature include prevalence rates of disease[2], mortality rates[3], cultural attitudes towards social care of older adults[4], future health profile projections[5], living arrangements[6] and the socio-economic profile of the population[7]. However, making projections based on current rates of social care utilisation, or by the current health profile of the population is complex and uncertain.



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