Up-rating devolved Social Security assistance: multi criteria decision analysis - January 2024

A report setting out a multi-criteria decision analysis of the options available to the Scottish Government to uprate devolved social security assistance in 2024 to 2025.

Annex B: Approaches to uprating across Europe[33]

Table B1
Country Approach
Republic of Ireland Assistance rates are not automatically uprated and is a government decision each time.
Belgium Some assistance is automatically uprated by 2% every time CPI index increases by 2%. There is regional variation for some assistance.
Bulgaria Assistance amounts adjusted annually taking into account economic situation and poverty line in year up to uprating.
Denmark Uprate annually by bespoke adjustment rate which is based on wage growth.
Finland Some assistance uprated annually by national pensions index. Caregiver’s Allowance is uprated annually by a weighted index considering wage (80%) and price (20%) inflation.
France Uprate assistance annually in April by CPI (excluding tobacco). Provided an additional uprating in July 2022 because of high inflation.
Germany Assistance is uprated at irregular intervals (up to every 3 years) according to price developments.
Greece Disability assistance uprated annually in January by average of annual change in CPI and GDP. Some unemployment assistance is uprated when the average wage of a manual worker changes.
Hungary Disability assistance is uprated annually in January by forecast CPI rate.
Luxembourg Assistance is automatically uprated when CPI index increase by 2.5% since last uprating.
Malta Some assistance increased annually by bespoke cost of living index.
Norway Assistance uprated annually by CPI or changes in income level, depending on their purpose.
Poland Disability assistance uprated annually by CPI plus 20% of real growth in monthly earnings. Unemployment assistance uprated by CPI.
Slovenia Assistance uprated annually by price index for basic necessities.
Switzerland Some assistance uprated by CPI every two years or earlier if CPI index increases by more than 5%.


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