Up-rating devolved Social Security assistance: multi criteria decision analysis - January 2024

A report setting out a multi-criteria decision analysis of the options available to the Scottish Government to uprate devolved social security assistance in 2024 to 2025.


1 Real value measures relative purchasing power accounting for price inflation. Comparing real values of benefit payments allows for comparisons over time, since in any given year £1 may not buy the same amount of goods or services as one year ago, due to price rises in the economy.

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3 By inflation we mean the change in the level of prices of goods and services. There are a number of different measures of inflation.

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23 Published mid-February.

24 Next release scheduled for 26th February 2024.

25 As seen in some other European countries. See Annex B.

26 Adult Disability Payment and Child Disability Payment.

27 Carer Support Payment and Young Carer Grant.

28 This form of assistance has not yet been made under the Act.

29 Usually takes place in December.

30 These estimates are based on officially forecast (where available) and internally estimated inflation rates, and as such should be interpreted with caution.

31 A mixture of actual CPI rates between 2020 and 2023 and a forecast inflation rate for April 2024 have been used to estimate change in real value.

32 Since we don’t yet have out-turn inflation for April 2024, the real terms change estimated is based on a comparison between forecast and realised inflation for April 2023 and is illustrative only.

33 Comparative tables - MISSOC


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