Migration: helping Scotland prosper

Paper detailing how a tailored migration policy, within a UK framework, could operate to meet Scotland's distinct needs.


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Case Study: Stay in Scotland 

Since the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU on 23 June 2016, EU citizens in Scotland and across the UK have been faced with great uncertainty as to how leaving the EU will affect their lives, careers and families. The referendum cast into doubt the ability of EU citizens to continue to live in a country they had chosen, in good faith, to make their home. The failure to quickly and unilaterally guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in the UK compounded this uncertainty and created unnecessary anxiety. 

The Stay in Scotland campaign aims to: 

  • raise awareness of the UK Government’s EU Settlement Scheme in Scotland; 
  • publicly state our desire for EU citizens to remain in Scotland; and 
  • provide practical information and direct support and advice to help EU citizens through the EU Settlement Scheme and to remain in Scotland and continue to access devolved public services to which they are entitled. 

The campaign includes a toolkit for EU citizens and employers, a guide for employers, a factsheet, poster and leaflet, along with a media campaign including radio, digital and social adverts and £250,000 of resource for community-based support across Scotland. The Scottish Government is also providing £800,000 of funding over three years to Citizens Advice Scotland, who are delivering some of this support through a dedicated advice and support service which includes a helpline and face-to-face advice.

The Stay in Scotland materials have now been sent to GP surgeries, nurseries and community centres across Scotland. Further information and copies of the materials are available at Hard copies of the materials are available and can be requested via

This dedicated service delivered by Citizens Advice Scotland launched in April 2019 and is for EU citizens with more complex support needs including those who may face obstacles to applying for settled status such as limited digital access, language barriers or residency issues. The service includes a full-time telephone service for EU citizens resident in Scotland on 0800 916 9847.

Pictured in Clovenstone Boxing Club, Edinburgh
Family from Pakistan

Photo of Rabia, Boxer, Pictured in Clovenstone Boxing Club, Edinburgh

Citizens Advice Scotland operate a free national helpline as part of the Advice and Support Service. You can receive information, advice and support by calling the helpline on 0800 916 9847. Devices for completing the ID document check can also be access through your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

Further information and copies of the materials are available at



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