Marine Protected Area Network - 2018 Report to the Scottish Parliament

A report to Parliament on progress being made in

implementing a Marine Protected Area (MPA) network.

Scotland's contribution to other MPA networks

The UK Marine Policy Statement[1] identifies MPAs as a tool to help achieve Good Environmental Status under the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). It highlights that MPAs should be used to conserve, where appropriate recover, and halt the loss of biodiversity in our seas. Summary statistics regarding the contribution to MPA networks are provided in Annex 4.

This section describes the contribution made to MPA networks at various scales:

  • The network of conservation sites in UK Waters[2]
  • Spatial protection measures under MSFD consisting of conservation sites and Other Area Based Measures.
  • The OSPAR MPA network in the North-East Atlantic.


Scottish MPA network

Infographic text:

Scottish MPA network

Demonstration & Research MPAs
Historic MPAs
Other Area-Based Measures
Contribution to UK network
Nature Conservation MPAs
Special Areas of Conservation
Special Protection Areas
Sites of Special Scientific Interest
Ramsar sites


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