Marine Protected Area Network - 2018 Report to the Scottish Parliament

A report to Parliament on progress being made in

implementing a Marine Protected Area (MPA) network.

Monitoring the Scottish MPA network

In 2017, the Scottish MPA Monitoring Strategy[6] was published. The Strategy sets out our approach to monitoring the Scottish MPA network. At the moment establishing condition and status baselines with MPAs is the priority. Studies to explore the effectiveness of new fisheries management measures are also underway. Historic Environment Scotland undertakes periodic monitoring work on Historic MPAs to maintain a register of survival and site condition.


77 MPAs have been surveyed since the end of 2012

Infographic text:

77 MPAs have been surveyed since the end of 2012

A preliminary assessment of progress towards objectives of the MPAs, designated under the Marine Acts, is provided in Annex 6. We expect to be able to provide more comprehensive assessments in future reports (from 2024 onwards) once repeated surveys have taken place.

MPA monitoring includes collaboration with other stakeholders and citizen science. Examples of this are provided in the MPA Monitoring Strategy. Historic Environment Scotland receives reports from diving clubs and archaeologists who help to monitor historic shipwreck sites. Promoting sustainable visitor access is essential, with the creation of a visitor trail on the Duart Point Historic MPA[7] a positive example.


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