Marine Protected Area Network - 2018 Report to the Scottish Parliament

A report to Parliament on progress being made in

implementing a Marine Protected Area (MPA) network.

Annex 3: Other area based measures

These are the other area based measures considered to be part of the Scottish MPA network because they contribute to the protection of biodiversity but were not set up specifically for nature conservation purposes.

Table 3.1: Other area based measures in the Scottish MPA network

Site name Size (Km2) Purpose
East Coast of Scotland (Sandeels) 21,320 Conservation of sandeels
West Of Scotland (Blue Ling) 6,009 Conservation of blue ling
Rosemary Bank (Blue Ling) 8,955 Conservation of blue ling
West Rockall Mound 5,124 Conservation of vulnerable marine ecosystems
North West Rockall[8] 346 Conservation of vulnerable marine ecosystems


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